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It’s time to stop with the countless files and screenshots to show your artists live sales data. White Label Solutions is here to make the process easier and give a professional touch to your label and artist services.

What is White Label Solutions? 

With White Label Solutions you can make your own custom branded accounts that you can integrate in your own website. This is easy for you and your clients because it also gives you live sales feedback per category you want to see it in. You also get statistics from all the major music platforms the music is being sold/streamed at. Then you can submit this to the other accounts and no one will be left in the dark!

Not Just Numbers

It doesn't only provide you live sales feedback on your customised dashboard, it also makes it easier for your label or artists to upload content onto the account. Here you will be able to review edit, reject and/or accept submitted content. All while you can communicate with your clients through one system!

Full Control at All Times

You have full control over the pricing of your clients music but also about the advance delivery settings. You also have full control about in what stores your clients music will be released in.

White Label solutions is an all-in-one built website that also makes accountings efficient for your company and your clients. For more information, you can go to our accounting page and see what we can do for you.

This system is designed by people that are working in the music industry. They know exactly what any starting business in distribution needs and have made a perfect platform to start your career.

Have more questions about this service? You can contact us with the subject ‘White Label’ and someone in our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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