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Our software tools allow you to take complete control of your digital music strategy.

Create / upload releases, manage your content, set up a pre-order / release dates, turn on instant gratification and specify which services to deliver to all with complete peace of mind.

My Client Zone will sit at the heart of your distribution service.



My Client Zone is an Innovative, custom built distribution platform that’s been developed based upon 10 years of experience working directly with independent artists and labels.

Our dedicated in-house programmers that collectively have over 28 years of experience in software development have created a system that is; user-friendly, intuitive, fully secure and has functionalities that cater to the specific needs of labels and artists.

Licensing the technology of our platform allows you to provide services in audio distribution to over 200 unique download, streaming, mobile and online radio platforms. Aside from digital audio distribution, you can also take advantage of our contracts with the major video platforms such as VEVO and physical delivery to

Some of the added functionalities included in My Client Zone are multi-user accounts whereby your clients can give other members of staff from their label or other members of their band access to their unique dashboards. They can then restrict what access to the system they have; for example, a label owner can give a junior colleague access to the upload procedure but not their sensitive analytics and payments data.

Our system also helps with the accounting procedure and will produce daily statistics from the stores that provide them, and monthly downloadable royalty statements that you and your labels and artists can access.

Companies that are best placed to take advantage of My Client Zone are ones that already have a wide network of music creators and want to help them exploit their recordings through an extensive network of online stores. Our system provides your artists with detailed analytics and data that’s fully customisable and can be drilled down to stores, markets, releases and also individual tracks.

We have marketing experts that can help your artists and labels to create custom digital marketing campaigns and strategies. We also have radio pluggers with connections across online, college, DAB and terrestrial radio stations and podcasts. Our marketing teams pitch for playlists within the streaming services we work directly with such as YouTube, Spotify etc. The in-house graphics departments can create custom artwork for releases, social media banners and also custom lyric videos.

As a white label client, your profile will be fully customisable to your brand, with a custom URL image and branding features. Not only will you have the ability to tap into all of the services that we provide, but you will be able to add your own custom packages to the website and provide even more service solutions for music creators, bringing new music to the masses. You can utilise your own business model, whether that be creating a subscription model for artists, taking a percentage of the sale or charging an upfront fee, the control is all in your hands. If you have other ideas about how you’d like to work with us please get in touch to discuss as we are open to new ideas and new ways of working.

For more information and to inquire about licensing our software please get in touch via the contact us page.

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