Unlocking Editorial Playlists: A Guide for Music Distributors 

Editorial playlists

For artists and record labels, editorial playlists are a pivotal tool for increasing monthly listeners, streams, and royalties. This is due to being the most popular and sought after playlists on their respective platforms. In this blog, we will outline how distributors can assist artists in obtaining playlist placements. We’ll offer tips, insights into what … Read more

Our Top 5 Music Distribution Tips

When you’re working with lots of artists and labels, they’ll often have questions around best practises. Here is a list of our top 5 music distribution tips… 1) Release Strategy: DSPs (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.) tend to favour artists who release music consistently and in the streaming era, the waterfall model is a very … Read more

Music Royalties Simplified

Music Royalties Simplified

Royalties are a hot topic for all music professionals, whether they’re earning them or paying them, and as a distributor you could be doing both. But what exactly are royalties, how are they generated and what are you entitled to? We’re here to simplify all you need to know…

How to create White Label Music Distribution profiles

How to create White Label Music Distribution profiles So, you’ve created a white label account with My Client Zone and you’re ready to start telling artists how they can upload their releases. Great Stuff! Our system works through a unique link that will be generated within My Client Zone to interact with your front-end website. … Read more