How do artists change distributor without losing streams? 

As a music distributor, one of the most common questions you will receive from new artists and record label clients is something along the lines of: “How do I change distributor without losing streams or playlists on Spotify?” 

At My Client Zone, we are fortunate to have lots of experience working with music streaming platforms and distribution services around the world. Continue reading to learn how to advise your artists and labels about transferring music catalogues from their previous distributor to your service… 

Ready to switch?

Follow these quick and easy steps below to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of your client’s music. And in doing so, without losing stream counts or playlists. 

1. Before the transfer…

It’s important your client informs your team they are moving live releases from another distributor. For smaller catalogues it is also helpful to know which releases are being transferred.  

2. Time to upload!

Once the client has signed up to your service, they can begin uploading the releases to be transferred.  

When inputting metadata for each release, it’s important to ensure the client uses the same barcodes, ISRCs, track titles and artist names used for the live versions of the releases. Likewise, when uploading the audio and artwork files, these should be identical to what is already live.  

This will help to minimise the loss of streams and playlist placements on all platforms. 

3. Submit and Re-deliver… 

Once everything is uploaded the client can then submit the releases to be delivered to music platforms. If you’re a distributor using My Client Zone’s white label service, our team will deliver these releases ASAP to the platforms. In a matter of days we will be able to get the releases live on platforms globally.

4. Completing the transfer… 

After delivery is completed, platforms like Spotify will recognise that the releases are already live and will link the two versions together. Doing this they will connect the stream count and playlists across the two versions of the release. Once this process is completed you can instruct your client to tell their previous music distributor to takedown the version of the releases they have. 

We recommend waiting two weeks from delivery before instructing your client to tell the previous music distributor to issue a takedown. It’s important to leave two weeks in between to minimise the risk of losing current stream count and playlist placement. Your client can also check on Spotify for Artists or Apple Music for Artists to make sure that the new version from your distribution company is live.  

Looking for an easy solution to move large catalogues?

Using DDEX delivery technology, at My Client Zone we can support the transfer large catalogues. This allows our white label clients, with their own client portal, to seamlessly automate the ingestion of their clients’ releases into the My Client Zone system, enabling efficient delivery to all our DSP contacts.

It’s also very useful for big catalogues. Most distributors can use this format to send us their catalogue. This makes switching to us from your current partner a breeze.

If you’re a distributor looking to host your service with My Client Zone, or are wanting to onboard artists/labels with lots of releases, get in touch today!

At My Client Zone we are here to assist our distribution white label clients through the catalogue transfer process. If you already have an account and wish to discuss the above process, please contact your account manager.